Dead Dead Good Weekend is a town wide event with a number of different events spread across Northwich. The idea is to celebrate Northwich’s role in the development of the British music scene and to showcase some of the amazing talent that is coming through both locally and nationally. The event will run from Thursday 9th of May until Saturday 11th of May.

This event has largely been inspired by some of the events of 2018, such as North By Northwich which saw the return of local Indie heroes The Charlatans, The Northwich River Festival and the hugely popular Now Northwich street art event. The difference here is that DDGW is being run as a collective, there is no one controlling body, it’s very much a grass roots movement and relies on the various businesses, authorities and organisations working together, a recipe for chaos you might think? Well I guess we will find out.

Although this event is relying on a cooperative approach, we needed a unifying factor, an umbrella that represented Northwich and it’s involvement in music, the obvious choice was to approach Dead Dead Good Records, the label that was created in Northwich and ran from Omega Records right in the centre of town. A meeting was arranged and almost immediately they were on board and Dead Dead Good Weekend was born. This was the catalyst to start moving forward, we can’t thank the guys there enough for not only the use of the name, but their willingness to donate their time, roll up their sleeves and get hands on with the project.

We have also been incredibly lucky that Cheshire West and Chester Council, Northwich Town Council, Northwich BID, Baron’s Quay and Brio have all been willing to work with us, it’s reassuring to know that the arts and specifically independent music is recognised.

That’s all the logistics of the thing, the aim is for everyone to have a great time and get out and enjoy the town, see some great bands, hopefully discover something new, celebrate the musical history of Northwich and The North West and to eat, drink and be merry.